Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cooper Young Festival

Cooper Young Festival!  So Much Fun!  I went early in the morning because I had stuff to do that afternoon, so I missed out on all the craziness.  It was kind of nice though, being there before the crowds descend.  I have to say, I think the highlight for me was Wild Bill's Old-Fashioned Soda stand.  I don't even like soda, but this stuff was dope!  I also got a great bracelet from 6:21 Treasures.  Go and check out her awesome jewelry at    

Being my own photographer.  What a dumb pose.  It was a great outfit though.
Shirt: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Cooperative, Sash: Forever 21, Jewels, Forever 21

Even in the morning, Cooper-Young was bumpin.

My yummy crepe.

Me and my friend Rachel being cute.  I like that she has coffee and I have a PBR.

This is where we got our awesome jewels.

It took Rachel forever to decide which bracelet to get.  They were all so cute! 

Yummy Soda!

Choosing was really hard.  I went with the Vintage Vanilla Cream.

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  1. yay! my collectible soda cup made it to the internetz! had a blast, m-deth.