Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Brother's Wedding!

This is just a little hodge podge overview post of my brother's wedding this weekend in Nashville.  So much fun!  Thought I'd highlight some of the fun stuff we did around the city.  Thursday night for the bachelorette we went to Cabana for dinner.  We ate lots of yummy small plates, the best of which was definitely the deep fried cheese grits.  Friday night after the rehearsal we ate at San Antonio Taco Company, which I think is my favorite place to eat in Nashville (so far, I've only been a few times).  Then Saturday was the wedding and that night we all went to the Tin Roof and got a little crazy.  It was probably one of the happiest weekends of my life.  Good food, good friends, family, and your brother marrying an awesome girl.  Can't ask for much more!
My new sister-in-law drinking moonshine mixed drinks at Cabana.  

Some of our yummy plates at Cabana.  The cheese grits are on the low right.  We also had bar-b-q wontons, fried alligator, and crab cakes with slaw.  Delicious.  
Jello shots at the bachelorette.  And baked brie.  An interesting combination.

My friend Laura and I outside of San Antonio Taco Company.  You've got to try this place.  The food is awesome and the balcony is so much fun.

My brother and I.  Being dumb.  

A few buckets of beer never hurt.

On the way to the wedding.  

An insightful quote.

The bride's dope shoes.

My bridesmaid's bouquet.  

Silly poses for pictures.
Bridal Party.  My husband and I are on either end.  I actually WILL wear this dress again. 

My friend Lily looking cute.  A bit of relaxing before the after party.

Chillin at the Tin Roof.  This place is pretty awesome.  


  1. What wonderful pictures. A great overview for a great weekend.Everyone is just so beautiful!

  2. Hey! Somehow I wanna see all your pics!

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