Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stealing from My Boy

These are a few shots from an impromptu, late-night photo-shoot from last night. I wore this to a family thing and most of this stuff I stole from Olie's closet.  I love having a husband I can steal clothes from.  He says he doesn't care but sometimes I wonder. Anyway, the shirt is his (from Old Navy) and the shorts were a pair of his jeans I made into shorts (they had ripped and he was gonna throw them out. GIVE ME THOSE PANTS! DONT THROW THEM OUT!). I think it's funny how they sag in the butt.  The vest, if you recall, was one of my recent thrift store finds that is actually from Chico's. However, I found it in the men's section. You gotta be on your game in the thrift store.  Who knows where all the jewels are from, I don't even know anymore.  And check out those cheetah shoes!  Thank you Journeys for my new favorite shoes that somehow go with everything I own.  All in all, a pretty successful outfit.

Notice the saggy butt.
Love this studded vest.

Check out my new Pinot's Palette koozie!  I have one in blue too.  I love new koozies.

Oh No!  There is something either completely hilarious or absolutely terrifying over there!

That pearl necklace was a bridesmaid's gift from my newly acquired sister-in-law.  I haven't taken it off since.  I know she found them on Etsy, I'll have to find out who from.

So many jewels!  That watch was also one of my thrift store finds.  The wood block is from Primark in the UK (sadly they have no online store) and the white bracelet with the studs was a gift.

I can't seem to take these shoes off.  PAINT YO TOENAILS, GIRL!

Good hair day.  I recently started using Loreal Elnett hairspray and it is dope.  


  1. Yesssss bridesmaid gift for the win! I will definitely find her store, she had lots of great stuff!

    1. Ok found it... Her website is & her etsy store is I'm posting it here instead of texting you so maybe people will see it & buy more stuff from her! I might buy something for myself, I'm super into pearls these days. Cos I'm married & basically live in the suburbs I guess.

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