Monday, September 3, 2012

Thrifty Thrifting

In my younger years, I often would brave the thrift store (mostly the Goodwill) in search of unique, sometimes weird, and always cheap clothes. Most of the kids I went to high school with bought everything at American Eagle, and not that there is anything wrong with American Eagle, but it was a pretty common occurance for multiple people to have the same shirt/dress/pants etc. Also, their clothes weren't cheap. Cheap is important when you have an insatiable appetite for clothes and a measly sixteen-year old part-time job.  So, to the thrift store I would go. However, thrift store shopping is a skill that if not properly honed is easily lost. Frankly, I had all but given up on thrifting.  But clothes shopping in "real" stores has become a bit frustrating. Everything is way too expensive and way too boring. So, I decided to give thrifting another shot. And I must say, I am pretty pleased with the results.  Especially this super dope watch!  I had to put in the price tag just to brag about what a sweet deal I got on it.  All in all, I bought two dresses, a sequined top, a studded vest, and my amazing watch for $22.  Needless to say, there is more thrifting in my future.

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