Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chili and Leggings

When the weather starts to change I only want two things: chili and leggings.  I would wear leggings every day if I could, but it's so hot here in the summer that they have to be put away for a while.  When Olie said he wanted to make chili, it seemed like the perfect time to bust them out again!  They are so fall-y and so is chili.  
So chili..... I used to make chili and I was very proud of it and thought it was delicious.  But then one time Olie made chili while I was in class. chili ever!  Seriously, it is so good.  So when he decided to make up a big batch, I thought it would be nice to share his recipe with you all.  We decided to turn the making of the chili into a fun event.  And by that I mean we drank beer in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.  You can't make chili without drinking a beer.  It's a rule.  

Olie's Deliciously Amazing and Awesome Chili (my title)

1 pound ground beef, browned
2 cans black beans (about three cups)
2 cans kidney beans (about three cups)
2 cans Fire Roasted tomatoes
2 cans tomato sauce
2 cans tomato paste
1/2 cup pickled jalepenos
1 BIG onion, diced
6-8 cloves of garlic
chili powder
2 bay leaves

So this is a very throw-it-all-in-the-pot kind of recipe.  Olie uses a crock-pot, and he is very adamant about it.  I suggested we cook it on the stove and he looked at me like I was crazy.  Put your crock pot on high and throw everything in EXCEPT the 2 cans of tomato paste.  Cook for about an hour.  It should be pretty liquidy, so then throw in the tomato paste.  I've seen him only use one can, but he normally uses both.  This is what makes the chili thick and hearty and yummy.  Cook for at least another hour.  You'll notice I didn't put measurements on the spices.  Throw about a tablespoon of each in, but then just taste it along the way to see what it needs.  A lot of flavor comes from the garlic and the fire roasted tomatoes, so you may not need any more.  But you probably will.  The whole process is very organic.

My favorite way to eat chili is over macaroni noodles with a ton of sharp cheddar cheese.  But we end up doing all sorts of stuff with it.  It's great over baked potatoes.  San Antonio Taco Company in Nashville has a chili taco, and it is really good.  I think chili tacos are going to be a must with this batch.

Try this recipe, for real.  I think what sets it apart is the amount of garlic, the fire-roasted tomatoes, and the addition of tomato sauce and tomato paste.  This recipe is everything chili should be.  

Can't make chili without beer.  Don't make fun of me for drinking Natty Light.  I love Natty Light.
I didn't do much, I just stood around looking pretty.  

And hung out with the cat.

Lots of garlic.  Feel free to go nuts with the garlic.
Olie seriously chopping onions.  He looks so serious in all the pictures I took of him cooking.

This many jalepenos is scary to me.  But it really just deepens the flavor.  

All the veggies in one bowl.  So pretty.
See? Serious.  Olie doesn't play when it comes to chili.

This is what the chili looks like in the very beginning.  

This is after one hour, before Olie added the tomato paste.  See how liquidy it is?

After the addition of the tomato paste.  See the difference?  

Leggings!  How I have missed you!  American Apparel dress, Forever 21 leggings, Urban Outfitter cuffs 
Jewels! This is my new favorite combination of necklaces.  All of these necklaces look really weird on their own, but together, they are unstoppable!  
The finished product.  Sexy.
A well deserved beer, sir. Thanks Olie for awesome chili!

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  1. I think somebody needs to buy Olie a bigger crockpot.