Friday, November 9, 2012

2 Days in Dallas

Olie and I just got back from a quick trip to Dallas, Texas.  What a fun town!  Here's a run down of all the fun stuff we did.

 We stayed with a friend who is not a coffee drinker, so no coffee pot.  Which means our first stop on Wednesday had to be to get coffee.  We went to a super cute coffee shop, Bolsa Mercada in the Bishops Art District.  A coffee shop that also sells wine and beer?  Yes, please.
Quick shoe shot in Bolsa Mercada.  I got a million complements on these boots from strangers.  People in Dallas have good taste.  

Funny light post. 
 We went to Taco Diner for lunch.  The food was great, but the drinks were the true stars of this meal.  And the atmosphere was great.  The weather was amazing so we sat on their adorable porch.
Two salsas!  Both of which were super delicious.   
One of the most amazing drinks I've ever had.  It was called a Mambo Taxi.  It's a mixture of frozen margarita and sangria.  The sweet sangria mixed with the tart margarita is a revelation.  I had two at lunch, they were too good not to.  I'm going to try and make something similar to this at home.  I cannot explain how awesome it was.   
Olie got mango margaritas.  He said this was the best one he had ever had outside of Mexico.  
Big shout out to my BF Lindsey for letting us stay at her place!  She met us for lunch.  We tried to talk her into day drinking with us, but she had to get back to her big-girl job.  

Lindsey went back to work and then we headed over to the Union Bear for some delicious beers.   

This was the sign in the bathroom.  It's my new life motto.  Except for the part about riding bikes.

These are our beer-drinking faces.  Olie got the New Belgium Lips of Faith Super IPA.  I went with the Ballast Point Sculpin West Coast IPA.  They were both really delicious.  I try to drink beers I can't get in Memphis when I'm on vacation.  It's always really exciting when you take a chance on something and it turns out to be really great.  It doesn't always turn out so good, though.  We tried a local beer later that night that was really gross, but I'm not going to name any names.   They can't all be winners.  
I had to show this one.  These are individual glasses of white wine that they were selling at Albertson's.  I kind of wanted to buy them all.  So hilarious.

This is a view of the Medical District in Dallas.  If you look closely you can see Olie looking spiffy in his suit. 

While Olie was in meetings on Thursday I went to the Dallas Art Museum.  This is my second trip to this museum and both times have been incredible.  This time around they had a great show titled Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries.  What a fabulous exhibit!  All the posters were original prints.  It was crazy seeing originals of such well known images like the Chat Noir and Alphonse Mucha's Sarah Bernhardt posters.   
I wanted to get some pictures in the museum, but photography wasn't allowed.  The guard gave me a pretty mean look when I asked (hey lady, some museums allow photography, it's a legit question!)  But here is some of the swag I got from the museum.  I always try to pick up a few postcards at museums so that I can remember what I saw.  The Dallas Art Museum's collection is so large and impressive that this is a must.  

This was our last stop before we left yesterday afternoon.  I've always heard about Texas bar-b-q, so I wanted to try some for myself.  Now being from Memphis, I of course think our bar-b-q is better.  But this was pretty damn good.  

This is what I ordered.  Beef brisket sandwich, potato salad, cheesy corn bake, and a deviled egg.  Plus all of my toppings.  Wow, Meredith.  Have some food.   
Yes, I ate it all.  I believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it.  

There you have it.  What a great trip!  See you next time Dallas!


  1. Where to begin? First, Best Friend pictures are the best - cause you're friends.
    Dallas looks super cool. Your photos make me want to visit. This is like a miniature tourism guide. Dallas should just pay you to run around, eat, and take pictures.
    I want that barbq. But I want the beat up sofa at the coffee shop even more.
    But the best is the Olie taking over the world picture. A classic!