Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flat Mates: A View of Eight

Last night I attended the 2012 University of Memphis BFA show. I was impressed to say the least. During my years at Memphis, I've attended many BFA shows (including my own) and this is one of the finest I've seen.

Normally, the biggest problem I have with BFA shows is the varying standards in the quality of the art. Of course this is usually unavoidable.  For a lot of students, their BFA show is their first and last. By the end of a grueling 4 (or 5 or 6) years, many students are simply just glad that it's over with. However, with this show, that was not the case. I didn't look at a single piece and think it sub-par. It was evident that every student took their work very seriously, and had put much thought and time into their thesis.

Another problem I have with BFA shows is the actual presentation of the work. The art itself is not thoughtfully placed.  This is also often unavoidable because of limited space, too many graduates, and no experience in hanging a show. Flat Mates: A View of Eight, however, was hung attentively and carefully. The show moved seamlessly from piece to piece, artist to artist. The hanging photographs in the middle of the room, in particular, we're incredibly useful in making the space seem full and for allowing interesting views of all of the art.

I have nothing but praise for these graduates. You have set the bar very high for what we expect of you and I look forward to seeing your work in future.  

Below are more shots from the event:

I had to throw this one in here.  Check out Becky's super awesome sweater.  That one's on my wish list. 

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