Friday, December 21, 2012

More Goat Cheese

I told you guys about the log of goat cheese I bought, right?  Well I've pretty much been putting it in every dish I've made these last few days.  This one was pretty exceptional, so I'm sharing it with you.  This is another one of those meals that is made out of leftovers (which are the best meals).  I really loved this because I ate it hot when I made it, but then a few hours later (ok, like 30 minutes later) I ate it cold and it was also delicious.  I haven't really made up my mind which way is better.  That makes it a little difficult to title.  If I was telling you to serve it cold, I would call it a Macaroni Salad.  If hot, I would say a macaroni and cheese.  Hmmmm......... Conundrum.  I think I'll go with:

Southern Vegetable Pasta with Goat Cheese (pretty generic right? I'll let y'all decide if you like it better hot or cold)

This one is really simple.  All you do is cook some lima beans and some corn.  I used frozen.  Now, lima beans take longer than corn, just fyi.  I always just throw the frozen corn in at the last minute, it cooks in about a minute.  Cook macaroni noodles.  While noodles are cooking, saute a little red onion.  When noodles are done, toss with the vegetables.  Add a generous amount of goat cheese and an equal portion of Greek yogurt.  Stir to coat.  The hot noodles and vegetables will melt the cheese and yogurt and turn it into the most delicious sauce.  Now I just add a little salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes, top with scallions and you're good to go!

Seriously, try this one hot and cold.  If you come to a decision, let me know.

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  1. This looks so interesting! Must give this a try.