Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Parent's House, Part 1: The Living Room

In May of this year, my husband and I will be forced to move out of our cute little apartment.  This is both sad and exciting as we start to think about where we want to move next.  This next place we are hoping will be a little more long term, so how we want to decorate is a common topic of conversation.  Interior decorating is not something we are very good at; honestly, our apartment still looks and feels like a dorm room.  In the new place, we want a more grown-up and lived-in look.  My first place for inspiration is my parent's house.

My mom is slightly brilliant when it comes to interior design and my dad can build anything she wants, so they are a perfect pair.  To give a little backstory, my dad, uncle and grandfather literally built the house I grew up in and that they still live in.  Literally.  A few odd jobs were hired out (roof, fireplace), but the bulk of the work was done by them.  The look they were going for was that of an old barn.  The inside is somehow rustic and chic, beautiful and functional.  Their house has a look that I aspire to and I am thinking about as I plan for our next place.

What is pictured here is the living room.  I love the paneled walls and the purple couches.  What I love so much about this house is despite all knick-knacks and things, it doesn't feel precious.  I hate going into a house and feeling like I'm going to break everything (cuz, let's be real, I'm a clutz and I probably will).  This house is comfortable.  We never use coasters, we eat in every room, we put our feet up.  It's an easy space to be in.  

This room is also very personal.  Many of the objects pictured here have a link to our family.  Almost all of the art on the walls is either mine, my brother's, or my dad's.  Mine and my brother's wedding invitations are displayed along with the pinwheels from my brother's wedding.  The mounted deer head is from my uncle who is a big hunter.  My mom has also displayed all of the letters that were written to her from her late Uncle.  This list could go on an on.  These objects make every nook and cranny special.

I'm breaking this house up into several posts, because I want to do every room justice.  Now, to be clear, I don't want my house to look exactly like this.  But this is such an inspiring room for me and I'm sure it will be for you too.  Things I'm taking away from this room: go for drama (purple couches? oh yeah), add personal touches (art everywhere, silly knick-knacks, pretty knick-knacks, and objects with a nod to family), and add comfort (lots of pillows, lots of blankets, and comfy couches.  Honestly, those couches are almost too comfy).

I'll be posting the rest of the house in the coming weeks.  And probably more pictures from this room, because there are a couple of things I forgot to photograph.  Like the entire wall of bookshelves at the front of the room.  I don't know what I was thinking.  So get ready for more awesome.

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  1. Maaaaannnnnn I've got the "I want a house" bug so bad right now and this isn't helping. Our old house looks good in pictures.