Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicken Stock

So remember the chicken I roasted in the crock pot?  By the way, if you haven't done that yet, you are a crazy person.  Best chicken ever.  Anyway, I took the bones and made chicken stock.  I normally use that powdery chicken bouillon stuff (I don't know why, that stuff is gross), so this has made a HUGE difference in my rice, black-eyed peas, lima beans, etc.  Stuff we eat a lot.  I found a ton of different recipes for chicken stock online, but I ended up kind of making it up using the vegetables and spices I already had.

So here is what I did.  First, fill a soup pot up with water.  Then throw in your bones, your vegetables, and spices.  I used celery, onion, carrots, lemon, jalepeno (we like spicy food around here), garlic (not pictured because I forgot about it and added it about halfway through the cooking process), peppercorns, a nutmeg, and a few bay leaves.  Then you just simmer that for 2 hours. Try to scrape some of the foam off as it cooks.   

Once it's done cooking strain out all of the solids and let the stock cool in individual containers.  Once it is cooled you can scrape the fat off the top.  I put some in the freezer and left a little bit in the fridge for me to use right away.

Super simple.  Very rewarding.  This will put the fake stuff to shame.  Be sure and throw the lemon in, that is the best part.  It really adds a brightness to the deep, mellow flavor.  I haven't seen a chicken stock recipe with a lemon in it, I just threw it in there because I had it but I put it in there because I am a culinary genius and I knew that my chicken stock needed lemon.

I used this to make some Mexican rice the other day and it was amazing.  Get ready for that recipe (coming soon).  It has changed my life.

Do you make stock at home?  What do you put in it?

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