Tuesday, March 19, 2013


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Olie and I decided to try the newest addition to Midtown: ¡Chiwawa!  For those of you who don't live in Memphis, over the past year Midtown has been getting a facelift.  All of the buildings have been redone and more and more businesses keep opening up.  As of recently, the saddest part of Midtown was an old, run down building that still retained its awesome patio and old funky Chicago Pizza Company sign.  That building is now ¡Chiwawa!, a restaurant specializing in hot dogs, tacos, and mixed drinks.  The patio has been returned to its former glory and the sign now triumphantly reads "Midtown is Memphis."

Ok, so let's talk about the food.  The menu is small, which I like.  I tend to get overwhelmed in restaurants with too many choices.  Despite the small menu, I still had the hardest time choosing what I wanted.  It all sounded amazing and every dish a waiter brought out looked better than the last.  We started with an order of chips and salsa, just to keep it simple.  The chips were honestly the best I had ever tasted.  They were flaky but sturdy.  The waitress disclosed that there is a man who works in the kitchen and all he does is make tortillas, both for tacos and chips.  That guy needs a medal, because these chips are awesome.  The salsa is more of a pico de gallo than a salsa, very fresh, lots of lime.  Not as mind blowing as the chips, but still very good.  They have tons of different cheese dips and a very tasty looking guacamole, which are all on my list for next time.

After much deliberation, I finally decided to go with the tacos.  Disclaimer: the tacos are a bit pricy.  They are $4 a piece, so I got two (when I wanted three) and they weren't very filling.  I got an egg, chorizo, and potato taco and a tilapia taco.  They were very fresh and delicious.  These are really great if you aren't really that hungry, or if you are out late and need a little snack.

However, if you need a real meal, skip the tacos and hit up the hot dogs.  Not that I was disappointed with my tacos, but Olie ordered the ¡Chiwawa! Dog and it blew my tacos away.  An all beef hot dog, wrapped in bacon (yes, I said wrapped in bacon), covered in salsa, grilled pineapple, a sort of chipotle red sauce, and avocado.  Olie was kind enough to let me try a bite.  It was so good that when we had finished eating, we ordered another ¡Chiwawa! Dog to split.  This is the best hot dog I have ever eaten, hands down.  The other hot dogs look just as good.  They have a homemade corn dog and a hot dog covered in pulled pork that I'm dying to try.

Maybe the best part of ¡Chiwawa! is the atmosphere.  The whole decor is wood and brushed steel, very utilitarian and very cool.  Their patio is up there on the list of best Memphis patios; I foresee many summer nights spent on it.  There were tons of people there (we got there fifteen minutes after they opened and there was already a wait), everyone was drinking and having a great time.

If you go to ¡Chiwawa!, which you should do, I suggest going with a group of close friends and ordering a little of everything.  The beer selection is a bit limited.  They only have their liquor license at the moment, so they can only have high gravity beers.  But once they get their beer license (they just opened on Friday), they will have lots of options, the most exciting being $2 PBR's.  A great patio and $2 PBR's!?  Yes, please.  And on Cinco de Mayo they are debuting their sno cone mixed drinks.  Get ready ¡Chiwawa!, you're going to see a lot of me.


  1. Awesome, it's finally open! Gonna have to check this place out next time I'm in town.

  2. Ditto! I really, REALLY want to go.

    But...hot dogs or tacos? I dunno. Probably going with the dog.

    So glad that building is finally! a new business.

    Ah, I remember when it actually was Chicago pizza factory, and I ate their deep dish. Memories.