Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day Artist: Amy Sillman

I've decided to try something new on the Starving Artist.  Every Wednesday, I'll show a couple of images from an artist that inspires me, in hopes that they will inspire you too or perhaps just brighten up your day.  For my first Hump Day Artist, I've chosen Amy Sillman, who is probably my all time favorite artist.

I won't bore you with a bunch of art talk, but I will give you one of my favorite quotes by the artist.  Just something to chew on:

"I'd like to really, really talk about a painting's, or art object's, qualities. This is an underdeveloped muscle in the critical apparatus.  I think we should be looking at objects formally, while understanding that, of course, content is part of form and form is part of content, and see how objects are working with content and abstraction now and what they are really doing.  I wish there was less embarrassment, less tension around a kind of formal and poetic response, where you describe something in terms of feeling or association, or you look at how something plays, rather than just how it signifies, or how it deals with the literary, marketplace or distribution systems that lie around it.  Some critical language around art may fall short, and need to be refreshed, or be dropped." (Sillman, Bordowitz, Between Artists, page 15).

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