Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hump Day Artist: Wayne Thiebaud

Today's Hump Day Artist is an oldie but a goodie: Wayne Thiebaud.  Thiebaud is best known for his paintings of food, particularly his cake and pie paintings.  I love his work because, of course, I love the subject matter, but I also love his color palette.  The way he isolates colorful objects in fields of white has always excited me, and it's something I often do in my own paintings.  Thiebaud's work has all of the things that I love: chunky paint, beautiful colors, and images of food.  When I photograph my own culinary adventures, these images always come to mind.  (I need to spring for a white table cloth).  

 People often included Thiebaud with the Pop Artists, but he rejected that classification, stating that his paintings were about nostalgia.  Whereas the Pop Artists were caught up in the present moment, Thiebaud was focusing on the diners that he used to work in.  

"My subject matter was a genuine sort of experience that came out of my life, particularly the American world in which I was privileged to be.... I would really think of the bakery counters, of the way the counter was lit, where the pies were placed, but I wanted just a piece of the experience.  From when I worked in restaurants....[it was] always poetic to me."  (

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  1. I really love these, and yes, they are very nostalgic.