Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Artist: Me

Yesterday I told you all that my friends had given me some feedback on my blog.  I think my favorite comment was made by one of my closest friends, who jokingly refered to my Hump Day Artist posts as "cheating."  In response to this, this week's Hump Day Artist is me, Meredith Olinger.  Which, perhaps, actually is cheating.

I do a lot of things: I have a full-time job, I run this blog, I'm very involved in my church choir, and I am constantly baking and cooking.  But I consider myself first and foremost an artist.  I started this blog as a way to explore the things that influence my work, but that I could never really explain how or why.

This has been an interesting year for me art wise.  When I was in college it was so easy to make work.  However, it's become increasingly difficult to make art.  The pieces I have made have been strange and I honestly don't understand what they are doing or what I even want them to do.  But this is all part of the process.  These objects don't just spring out of no where and one great painting comes at the expense of ten terrible ones.  Making art is frustrating and difficult, but those paintings that work, that make sense to me, make it worth the while.

So, to encourage myself, I'm showing you some of my work.

To see more of my paintings and drawings, go to

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  1. Ah, George. I love George.

    But then I love all of your pieces.