Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going House Crazy!

There is nothing like a new house/apartment/any-kind-of-living-quarters.  I've been in my new house for a few months now, but of course there is still a lot to do.  All of the trim in the new place was beige (beige trim?  seriously? whose idea was that?), so it all has to be painted.  I'm about halfway done with that.  Then there is a second bedroom that I have been working on like crazy, plus a screened-in porch that I'm trying to pull together.  Those are my two big projects at the moment.  I'm hoping to share some pictures soon, but until then, I'll show you some images that inspire me.

All of these images are from Pinterest.  Here is the biggest tip on redecorating that I can offer: actually use your Pinterest boards!  A lot of the time I just end up looking through my pins to pass the time, but lately, I've really been using these images to guide me in my redecorating.  I didn't realize how much I liked yellow (actually, I thought I hated yellow) until I looked at my Pinterest.  Everything was yellow!  So, I've been incorporating it into almost every room in my house.
I love this bedroom!  I love the pop of yellow, the mix of patterns and all of the great textures.  And what a great headboard!  I really like this because there is a lot going on, but it's not overwhelming.  That's kind of what I'm going for in my new house.  A kind of funky minimalism.
Once again, more yellow!  And I love the dark gray walls, they're almost black.  Also, I love that funky shaggy thing on the wall.  At the moment, I just have paintings on my walls, but I'd love to find something crazy like this to hang somewhere.
Love, love, LOVE this space!  If I lived alone, this is what I would strive for.  But when you add a husband into the mix........ this would just be way too much for him.  Another piece of advice: if you have a roommate (husband, boyfriend, friend, etc) let them contribute.  I work in a home fabric store, and so many women don't take their husbands into consideration at all when decorating.  Compromise is good.  That way everyone is happy.  Still...........I'm obsessed with this room.
I'm always looking for interesting ways to hang art, because I have a lot of it.  The painting and the ottoman play off of each other so nicely in this image.  I love the idea of placing a little ottoman or a bench under a painting.

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  1. I absolutely love the headboard!!! I am semi - on the hunt for a new headboard and that is so close to what I want. I want something imposing, dark, and opressive. I'm thinking medieval. This would work.