Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jumpin' Jumpin'

Remember on my last post about how I can be a moron about shopping?  I'm actually really proud of this outfit post because it shows that I am trying to change my ways.

I went to a wedding this past weekend.  Instead of rushing out and buying a new dress (which is typical Meredith behavior), I wore this awesome jumpsuit that I've only worn once.  I remember when I bought this jumpsuit, I justified the purchase by promising to wear it to two upcoming weddings.  Guess what?  Didn't do that.  I even got it steamed to wear to the second wedding and didn't wear it.

So, this past weekend, I fought the I-wish-I-had-something-new-for-this-wedding urge and wore this (bonus: it was already steamed).

So far, so good.

And yes, this post is named after a Destiny's Child song.  It just seemed appropriate.

What are your rules when it comes to shopping for clothes?  How do you stay on budget?  Any tips for shopping smart?

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Bucco via HauteLook, Clutch: Forever 21

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