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Meredith Stops Being A Moron And Gets Serious About Her Closet

Items I'm Thinking About

Items I'm Thinking About by meredith-austin featuring a crystal jewellery

Recently I've had a ton of important realizations.  Perhaps it's being 25.  Perhaps it's finally having a full-time job.  But I have been getting life lessons all over the place.

I've come to the conclusion that it is time to start clothes shopping with some sort of a brain.  I need to buy items that are classic, are high in quality, and that I can wear over and over again.  I'm trying to build a collection; a closet that is full of great pieces that I can grow with.  Not trendy, cheap items that fall apart.  

Too often I shop emotionally.  Like, say I have a wedding to go to.  Instead of wearing one of the many perfect dresses in my closet, I go buy a new dress.  Not smart.  Dresses aren't cheap.  So I'm making a game plan.  I'm titleing it: Meredith Stops Being A Moron And Gets Serious About Her Closet.  I thought I would share this plan here on the blog, since I'm sure many of you also suffer from shopping stupidity.

1.  Set a monthly clothes budget.  This way I will know how much I can actually spend on clothes.  

2.  Shop online.  I find that when I shop in a store there is some slight pressure to buy something.  Mainly it's the fact that I don't want to have to come back to the store if I decide I want something (I hate running errands).  So lately, I've been shopping online.  That way, I can really think about if I really need/want something.  A lot of websites will save your shopping carts for a few days.  Let the items sit in the cart.  Give yourself time to truly asses them.  (pictured above are some of the things that I'm currently considering).  

3.  Have a shopping buddy.  Mine is my husband.  I'll show him my online shopping carts and he'll say things like, "why are you buying shorts, you never wear shorts," or ,"that dress is too short and you always complain about your dresses being too short."  It's nice having someone to help you with your choices and to keep you on track.  A good option?  Email your shopping carts to your mom.  She'll tell you the truth.

4.  Assess my closet.  I never buy tops.  I have too many pants.  Most of my dresses are too short.  I don't have enough basics.  These are the areas where my closet is lacking.  I have to think about these things every time I buy something from now on.  

5.  Question each article of clothing. What can I wear this with?  Where will I wear this?  Can I wear this in multiple seasons of the year? 

6.  Save up for something really great.  If I don't hit my clothes budget every month, I'm going to save the extra to buy myself something really nice.  Like.......that gray Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  Not something dumb.  Something classic that I love that will last forever.  And by saving up over a long period of time I will be certain that I truly want it when I buy it.  

And last but not least:

6.  Shop Sales.  This one is actually really hard for me.  Sales sections can be very overwhelming.  There are always piles of clothes and a million people rifling through them.  I'm not good at sales sections.  That's where the online shopping (Step #2) comes in.  Zara is having a great sale right now.  Check out J. Crew Factory's website for a constant sale.   And HauteLook is the perfect place to buy nice pieces for a fraction of the cost.  By sales shopping online you avoid the rush, the crowds, and the mess.  

Now, if I can just stick to this plan.  That's the hard part.  I'll keep you all posted on my progress.  

And speaking of Hautelook........Congrats to Rebekah Kuhl!  You've won a $50 gift card to HauteLook!  Email me at and I can send you your prize!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

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