Friday, August 23, 2013

Art at Home

 I don't think any house is complete without art.  As we grow up, our taste in art gets a bit more sophisticated (remember covering your room in Backstreet Boys posters?).  However, though we may want to cover our walls in paintings by local artists, art can be very expensive.  I have a ton of art in my house ( know.......I make art) but I like to have something other than my own paintings hanging on my walls.  Here are some ideas I'm considering for my own home (thank you Pinterest for being a girly idea machine):
Framing a great poster.  Anything looks better framed.  This photo of Bob Dylan is perfect.  Choose something classic, but cool.  Black and white is always a nice touch.  (Check out Hobby Lobby for cheap frames).
 Framing fabric or wallpaper.  This makes such a great statement.  Fabric comes in so many great prints; it doesn't have to be girly like this example. You can even wrap a cheap canvas in fabric (once again, check out Hobby Lobby for cheap canvases).

Paint your own!  This little blue painting in this bathroom looks very simple to paint, but how cute is it?!
 Or..........invest.  Yes, art can be expensive, but it really is worth it.  It gives your house so much more personality.  Imagine the room above without the painting........boring!  It's good to support the arts in your community (and you will seem so much cooler than all of your friends).  Go to a local gallery and take a look.  Some of the pieces aren't as pricey as you might think.

Do you have any crafty ideas for adding art to your walls?  Please share!
(all images via Pinterest)

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  1. Bob looks pretty ashamed of the decorations in that room...