Monday, September 2, 2013

Into the Wild

 Sorry for the lack of posts lately; life has been a bit hectic this past week.  I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day; I know I'm enjoying the first day off I've had in a while.  Going to spend the day online shopping, Netfix watching, and cooking for one.  I'm thinking pancakes.

Anyway, I wore this little number last night for a date night with Olie.  (on a side note, why is it called date night when you are married?  It sounds so depressing; like you have to schedule time together.  I'm going to start calling it a date)

Anyway, I wanted to look cute for my date with Olie, and sassy shorts and a cute blouse fit the bill.  I even gave myself a fresh manicure (red nails = extra sass).  I very rarely wear shorts, but I'm trying to wear my summer clothes as much as possible.  For the first time in my life, I'm not ready for summer to end.

Sorry for the rambly post.  Have a great holiday!  Love you all!

Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Assorted Jewels

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