Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mint, Lemon, Cucumber Water

Is it lame to write a post about water?  Maybe so, but I've recently had a water revelation.  I've always thought flavored water was a bit pointless; every time I've had cucumber water I couldn't taste anything but water.  Why would I take the time to chop up all of this cucumber if I can't even taste the cucumber (or mint, or lemon, or whatever)?  I always thought it was more of a garnish.  And garnishes are lame; ain't nobody got time for that!

Recently, however, my boss brought some flavored water to work and I couldn't stop drinking it.  Her trick?  She shaves some of the skin off of the cucumber and puts that in the water.  The skin adds a more intense, almost peppery flavor.  I'm hooked.

So here is what you do: chop up some mint, some lemon and some cucumber.  Be sure to shave some of the skin off of the cucumber.  Add all of this to a pitcher and top with water.  That's it.  Just keep refilling as you drink the water.  The flavors last for a long time.  This is really great for these late summer days.  Super refreshing.  And so much more than just a garnish.

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