Monday, September 16, 2013

TV Style: Cute Hair and Glasses

I watch a lot of tv.  An embarrassing amount.  When I'm at home alone, I always have Netflix playing, even if I'm not watching it.  I just like the noise.  However, when I got food poisoning this weekend (gross I know), my tv intake went through the roof.  And I've had a realization: I love tv leading lady style.  It's always so cute and different from what you see in magazines; it's much more approachable and more real-life.  I'm especially loving the cute hair and glasses look.  I officially need a new pair of glasses.  Yes, the nerdy glasses thing may be a bit overplayed, but I don't care.  Some things are just cute.

Liz Lemon owns the cute hair and nerdy glasses look, but Jess and Mindy do it pretty well.  Check out for some cute glasses options.  And check out 30Rock, Mindy Project, and New Girl for cute hair ideas (and lots of laughs).  Love Mindy's easy straight hair (see bottom picture).  Maybe it's time to invest in a straightening iron.

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