Friday, October 18, 2013

House Tour: The Bedroom

The next room I want to share with you on my house tour is the bedroom.  Unlike the living room, I wanted to keep this room very simple and minimal.  For some people this may not be very minimal, but for me it definitely is.

My favorite part about decorating a house is the DIY projects, and this room is full of them.  One thing that Olie and I have said throughout this whole decorating process is that we don't want our house to look like everything came from Target.  Not that Target isn't awesome, cuz it totally is, but Target products tend to have that Target look.  DIY is a great way to make things more personalized and unique without breaking the bank.
The focus of the room is on the bed.  I love white bedding.  I think anything else is just too much.  Simple, white bedding looks clean, fresh, and comfortable.  We found the headboard at Pottery Barn Outlet for half off.  It had a few dings and scratches, so we decided to paint it yellow.  I sewed the panel to go behind it to give the bed a bit of punch.  Two very simple DIY's that give the bed a lot of character.  I love the lamp on the bedside table, but I'm not crazy about it in that particular spot.  I'm still playing around with it in my head.  Should I simply get a new lampshade?  Should I move it to another room?  Should I keep it the way it is?  Still undecided.  But a house is always growing and changing, which is good.  I want to always be improving it and making it our own.
Like I mentioned in the home tour of our living room, there is a lot of repetition in our house.  Here, you can see the Christmas lights that are the same as the ones in the living room.
And the low shelf!  Another DIY!
More candles and flowers.  Simple touches like these are what make a house a home.  Candles are always inviting and make a room feel cozy.
Every room in the house has a piece of my art in it.  This room is very small, so a big piece really dominates the room, which I like.  And a cat in the window always makes a room feel home-y!  
Thanks for stopping by!  I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the house with you!

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