Friday, November 15, 2013

Sassy Hand-Me-Downs

I love hand-me-downs.  When we're kids we absolutely hate them, but then you start paying your own bills and buying your own clothes and you start to recognize the beauty of a good hand-me-down.  My friend Rachel gave me this shirt.  She said she just can't ever seem to "make it work," so it got passed on to me.

It's funny, I wasn't that crazy about this outfit when I put it on.  But you know how it goes: you're in a hurry, you have a weird outfit on and you have no choice but to wear it or be super late.  However, I got a lot of compliments that day, so I decided to do an outfit post on it.  Sometimes being in a hurry works in our favor.  I think I wasn't crazy about this outfit because it is a bit out of my comfort zone.  I'm not a big skirt wearer.  I like pants and dresses.  I don't really do skirts.  I have a few super cute skirts, but they just sit in my closet.  Maybe it's time for them to get a workout.

Skirt: Target, Boots: Zara, Watch: Fossil, Assorted Jewels

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  1. Well, this is one of your bestest!! I love this outfit.