Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Get Our Yule On!

Is everyone as excited about Christmas as I am?  I mean......probably not cuz I am super pumped.  This is my first Pinterest Christmas (and by that I mean, I wasn't on Pinterest last year) so it is on.  There are so many great ideas for Christmas decorating, cooking, drinking, and gifting.  So let's get inspired!

Here are a few of the things that I'm thinking about replicating.  

 I love this photo wreath.  This would be a cute thing to make every Christmas with photos from the past year.  Uh oh.....I think I just started a new tradition!

 I love this.  What a simple DIY.  And the rustic feel means I don't have to be super exact with my cuts!  Cuz let's be honest, Meredith + Chop Say = Disaster.  Maybe I'll let Olie do this one.
Dipping pinecones in white paint.  Apparently when they dry, they look just like porcelain flowers.  I gotta try this one.

This is a pretty alternative to a Santa Hat.  These would be fun to make if you have any little girls in the family.

For more inspiration: check out my CHRISTMAS! Pinterest page.  All images from Pinterest.


  1. The pine cone thing is super cool. I want those.