Friday, January 17, 2014

Beer To Pick Up This Weekend: Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA

I'm an IPA freak. If it's an IPA, I will like it. IPA's have a citrus-y taste that turns a lot of people off. To me, it's complex, aromatic and incredibly pleasing. To some, it's just bitter. Enter Abita's Grapefruit Harvest IPA.

Now, in general, I think Abita beers are pretty underwhelming. I thought their Strawberry Harvest was incredible, but with the overproduction, the quality was gone way down (I miss the days of driving to Mississippi and racing customers through a small-town grocery store to get it. Maybe the beer just tastes better when you have to fight for it). I picked up this Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA on a whim, because my favorite IPA's have a grapefruit-y aftertaste. This is a great beer for IPA newbies. It's sweeter than some and the grapefruit flavor tastes genuine, not like an additive squirted in at the end (the problem with so many fruity beers). This beer is fruity and delicious, but still has the bite of an IPA.

Is this the best IPA ever? No. But it's good (Beer Advocate gave it a score of 81, which they classify as good). If you've been avoiding IPA's, or you're just getting into them, give this a try. Or, if you are like me, and can't get enough of a good, grapefruit-y IPA, you'll love this.

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