Friday, January 10, 2014

Beer To Pick Up This Weekend: Sofie by Goose Island

You may or may not know this, but I am a beer fanatic. I think there is no greater joy in life than sitting down after a hard day and opening a delicious beer with friends or family. I'm not a beer snob: I love all types of beer. I love cheap beer, I love pricy beer, I love heavy beer, I love light beer. I just love beer!

Shopping for beer is like shopping for wine; it can be very overwhelming. So, I had a brilliant thought: why don't I share some of my beer knowledge with you guys! I don't claim to be a beer expert, but I'm always trying new beers and adding to my list of favorites. When I try one I really like, I want to share it with you here on The Starving Artist.

Over the holidays, I was introduced to the most fabulous beer: Sofie by Goose Island. It's a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale and it is, as a friend eloquently put it, "delightful." It's light, crisp, and very flavorful. This is a great choice if you are an avid beer drinker, but also if you're not a big beer person or are just starting to like beer. It has a slight champaign-y taste to it that is unusual but very pleasing. It has a score of 92 on BeerAdvocate, which is classified as outstanding (95-100 is world-class). I have to say, it is probably one of the most surprisingly delicious beers I have tasted in the past year.

There is one drawback: it is a bit pricey. One $8.99 bottle (that's the price here in Memphis) fills about 3 pints. That is about the price of having a beer out at a bar, which is generally not the case when drinking at home. However, it is so darn tasty that it is totally worth it. Pick one bottle up for a romantic night in, or pick up two for a girl's night. This beer will appeal to your girlfriend who is not that into beer.

And, as always, drink responsibly. And don't drink and text! Never a good plan!

Have a fun weekend!

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