Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Round Of Hosting Tips

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I know I'm the worst blogger ever, I haven't blogged since last week! But in my excuse, I started a new job AND threw a huge party, so I think I deserve a round of applause. And a large glass of wine.

With every event that I throw I learn something new. Most of the parties I've had at my house have been on the small side. Just close friends or close family getting together and enjoying each other's company. I did host my grandmother's 75th birthday party, but my mom handled almost every aspect of it. I just cleaned my house (which, at the time, was a huge ordeal). This past weekend I threw a wedding shower for two of mine and my husband's closest friends. The party was a huge success, and I've come away with a few new tips for people who are just starting to entertain.

1). Get someone to help you. My husband and I did most of the work, but I had the foresight to ask my mom to come early on the day of the party to help us out. Of course, she said, "I didn't do anything" but just having her there took a lot of stress off of me. Don't try to do everything alone.

2). Start early. I started planning this party in January. I was constantly making lists about what needed to be done before the party and setting weekly goals to accomplish everything. Therefore, by the time the party came around, all I really had to do was some light cleaning and a little bit of cooking.

3). Don't forget the music! This one was a freebie. About ten minutes before the guests arrived, I panicked and exclaimed, "oh no, we need music!" My brother, miraculously and without being asked, had created a playlist for the occasion. I was so overwhelmingly grateful! If you have a friend that is good at creating playlists, reach out to them (my brother actually did my wedding playlist). But if not, start thinking about the crowd. Older? Younger? Mix of both? Music makes people feel at ease, don't forget about it! And don't just play your favorite songs! Lately, all I've been listening to is K-Pop (Korean pop music, for those who don't know), but I don't think everyone wants to listen to that all night long. You've got to think about your guests.

4). Don't cook everything. This one is so hard for me. I want to make everything from scratch, but that is just too much to put on yourself. I decided to make all of the desserts and to buy all of the dips pre-made. A mix of scratch made and pre-made will make everything easier.

5). If you are serving alcohol, don't skimp on the amount! I'd always rather have too much than not enough. You want people to loosen up and have a good time. Running out of alcohol is a sign that the party is over. We bought what we thought was way too much, but all we had left was half a bottle of wine. So........yeah.

This was the most relaxed I've ever been at my own party. I think it is mainly because I started planning so early. Big parties require a lot of planning, so start way in advance! And have fun! If the host/hostess isn't having fun, no one is having fun.
The happy couple! I just realized they both wore pink. Pretty adorable. Read my last round of hosting tips here. (Sorry my photos are so grainy, my house is so dark).

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