Monday, March 24, 2014

Dying Upholstery With Simply Spray

As I mentioned in my post House Tour: The Studio, I recently dyed my couch. I still can't believe you can do this. New rule of thumb? If you think it exists, it probably does. But who would have thought that you could spray paint a couch! The spray is made by Simply Spray, and you can buy it on their website or on amazon. I inherited this couch from Olie's family. It's a great couch and in super condition, but it was such a boring color. At some point, I'd like to get it recovered, but that is out of my budget at this point in my life (you're looking at at least $400 to recover a couch). So dying it was the perfect solution.

We went from this.....

To this!

I am 100% satisfied with my new gray couch. It adds a lot of contrast to the room, especially against the white walls and brown mat. I used 6 cans of paint for my couch. I need to buy one more because there are still a few touch-ups to be done (I'm lazy), but it looks great. I'm going to give you a few tips that I picked up as I did it.

1). Try to dye your furniture inside. I know this is a weird tip, but the lighting of the room is really important. I sprayed the cushions outside and did the bones of the couch inside. I think I wasted a lot of the spray paint on the cushions because I was looking at them in bright daylight. The rest of the couch was a lot easier to spray and took a lot less paint. The spray doesn't smell very bad at all, so if you open a few windows you should be fine.

2). This paint is permanent! Cover everything! And wear old clothes.

3). This paint is also transparent. Which means: any pattern on the fabric will show through. Also this means that you can only go from lighter colors to darker colors. If you have a dark couch, then dying it black is probably your only option. My couch was a light brown, so the charcoal gray worked really well.

4). Don't worry about the underside of cushions or the back of the couch. This method is cheaper than buying a new couch or getting one recovered, but the bottles of paint are still $11 each, which adds up. Don't spray anything that won't be seen.

5). Simply Spray says that it dries soft, but it isn't soft right after it dries. Don't worry though! It softens as you use it. It took about a week for my sofa to soften up.

6). Don't spray a really nice piece of furniture. This isn't like painting your walls. Go to the thrift store and get a cheap couch/chair/whatever for this project. Or spray that couch that you inherited from your parents. If you are in your twenties, you probably have one of those.

7). Read the instructions carefully. There are also a lot of great tips on

Best DIY ever! So proud of this one! I hope this inspires you to give your old boring couch a makeover!


  1. What great information about how to dye upholstery. I definitely think that you did a great job with doing this task on your own. Tip five was really good information about how to make sure not to fret about the couch being stiff after the spray drys. That definitely would be something that would freak me out if I was working on a project like that.

  2. I'm about to start this project and I was wondering how your couch has held up. Also, have people noticed or commented on the dye job?

  3. To answer your question D.J., it's held up very well. No one notices the dye job and people are amazed when I tell them I dyed the couch. However, I would maybe buy an extra can of the paint. I've got a few spots that in some light I can tell need a touch up. Perhaps it's from my original dyeing, or maybe it's from wear. Hope this helps!