Thursday, March 20, 2014

Farmer Chic

Overalls are everywhere at the moment. I'm loving all the new skinny jean overalls. I seriously considered investing in a pair, but I already had the overalls you see here. And no one needs two pair of overalls. That's just excessive. So I thought I'd pull these out again. Mixed with a little chambray, of course.

I wore this last night to church. One of the 4 year-olds in my choir told me I looked like a farmer. My response? "How do you know I'm not a farmer?" I'm so witty.

What do you think of my nails? I haven't attempted nail art since elementary school. But this is great because it still looks good as your nails grow out. I just put two pieces of tape over my nail in a v-shape, and then painted them. I want to try them in white, I think that would look great.

Getting pumped for the weekend! Lots of nothing to do, so excited! Thanks for stopping by!

Overalls: Delia's (very old, I think I bought them in the 10th grade), Chambray Top: Zara, Linked Bracelet: J.Crew, Shoes: Journey's, Assorted Jewels


  1. Those look great! And people often rip on wearing denim over denim, but I've never understood that. I would disagree about not owning multiple pairs of overalls. Owning only one pair seems to me like a kind of self-punishment! :)

    Best wishes!

  2. I love denim on denim too! I'm glad to know that I'm not crazy for wanting multiple pairs of overalls. I may have to get a new pair!