Thursday, March 13, 2014

House Tour: The Studio

I'm so excited to share this tour of my studio with you all. This has been the most difficult room to decorate and, therefore, it's the one that I am most proud of. (Check out my other tours here and here). Once again, my house is very, very dark, so my photos of it are always a bit grainy. Sorry, I'm not a professional photographer.

Since we've moved into this house, this room at the front of the house has been the studio. There is no door to keep it seperate from the rest of the house: it's very open and very visible. Now, I don't know if you've ever been into an artist's studio before, but most of the time they are an absolute mess. For a long time I thought this was just a fact of life. But the more I lived in this house, and as I was decorating other rooms, I began to think that there had to be a way to make this room look nice, but also remain functional.

I also was well aware that I needed this room to be much more than a studio. I needed an office, a music room (my husband plays guitar) and a workout space (we love yoga videos). I needed the room to fill a lot of different roles. I also thought it would be nice if people could just hang out in there. I do entertain a decent amount, and an extra sitting area is always welcome.

So! Olie and I got our thinking caps on. We decided that if every bit of furniture in the room was easily moveable, we would get a lot more use out of the room. I decided on cute, red, folding chairs for the extra seating ($10 at Target) and Olie built a great coffee table with wheels out of an old pallet. This is my favorite part of the room, and I can't wait to share the DIY with you.
I already had a hand-me-down couch in the room, but it needed a face lift. Big time. I literally googled, "how to hide an ugly couch." I found the usual suggestions (throw pillows, slip covers, etc.), but then I found a link to upholstery paint. Um.......what?! I did a bit of research and the reviews were all positive, so I gave it a go. The couch that you see here used to be a boring light brown, and now is a dark gray. I bought 6 cans of paint which cost me $70 all together. I'm going to pick up another can for touch ups (if you look on the arms of the chair, you can see a bit of the old brown color), but honestly this room is so dark that you cant tell at all. A brand new couch for $70? Sign me up. I'm beyond thrilled with the results. I have a DIY of this project coming soon as well.
I already had shelves around the room for propping up paintings. This just makes my mess look a little more presentable. I also prop paintings in a stack on the side of the room. I have found that people thumb through them when they come over, which I like. I can't hang all of my work, so I like for people to be able to look through it.
I also ended up hanging a bunch of smaller paintings that I've been working on. Even if they aren't done, they create a great visual in the room. And it keeps them off of the floor.
I have a ton of art books that I needed to store. I also needed a side table. Stack of books with a lamp on top? Tada!
I'm so satisfied with this room, but I still have a few things I'd like to do to it. For one: I'm still stuck on window treatments. I need something on the windows, but there is NO light in this room. Any suggestions?

Also, I really want to paint this room a pale pink. But I think Olie would put his food down on that one.

And there you have it! My studio! I hope this inspires you to think about your rooms in a new way. Thanks for stopping by!

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