Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rolling Coffee Table DIY

So......I have power tool phobia. I blame my father and grandfather for this. I had to take a wood-working class in college, and my dad and grandfather sat me down and scared me to death with terrifying stories of losing fingers and other assorted body parts. Needless to say, I'm a bit wary of power tools.

I can use power tools, but if given the opportunity, I will let someone else do it. Cue Olie. He's pretty good at building things and gets better all of the time. He recently built me a rolling coffee table for my studio. He built it out of an old pallet, and I could not be happier with the results.

We found this DIY on Instructibles and I'm going to link you to that original explanation (click here). I'm also going to give you a tutorial on how to do it using photos. I think the photos explain the process better than I could. In a nutshell: take the pallet apart, push all of the board together into the shape of the table, trim excess wood, wood glue and nail together, sand it down, seal it, add wheels. Pretty simple, really.

(Disclaimer: If you have never used power tools, get someone to help you. They are great tools, but they should be used with care. Do not drink alcohol and use power tools. Always pull back your hair when using power tools. Ok, enough parenting).

So here's how it is done:

And that's it! Every time I look at this table I love it even more! I hope this inspires you to build something for your home. 

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