Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beer To Pick Up This Weekend: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

There are certain things that come with being an adult. Bills, mainly. And the fact that you have to work to pay those bills. And the loss of summer vacation (huge blow). But here's one you don't think about: yard work.

Olie and I cleaned up the yard a bit yesterday. Nothing major, just mainly cutting the grass and raking. We rent, so I'm not too keen on the idea of ripping everything up and planting new beds. Or of painting the house, even though I really really want to. But I felt bad for my neighbors who had to look at my messy yard, so I thought it would be polite to clean it up a bit. It had gotten pretty bad.

But also with adulthood comes beer drinking, which makes yard work a bit more tolerable. Honestly, with perfect weather and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in hand, yard work becomes downright fun. This is Sierra Nevada's most popular beer, so I'm sure most of you have had it. If you haven't, jump on the bandwagon. This is popular for a reason. It's delicious.

So grab a 6-pack (or a case, Kroger carries them) this weekend to fuel yourself during your outdoor projects. It's a beautiful weekend, go and cut your grass! This beer is full of flavor with an intense bite, but is still very refreshing. It's a bit piney, and goes great with the smell of grass clippings. That's a weird thing to say, but it's true.

Any Memphians out there? The East Buntyn Art Walk is tomorrow afternoon from 2-7 (another reason why I cleaned up my yard). I'm going to have some pieces on display, so come by if you get a chance!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Beauty Obsessions

Oh spring! The time to throw out the old and start fresh with the new! What is it about spring that makes you want to clean everything and start over? That's pretty much what I've been doing around here. Cleaning out my closet, cleaning my house, rearranging furniture, etc.

I'm also re-evaluating some of my beauty products. I have a few new spring beauty essentials that I'd like to share with you. This isn't everything I use, of course. I'm a bit of a product junkie. I'm trying not to be. But these are a few of my new favorites that are just too good not to share.

1. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. This foundation is amazing. I've always been a BareMinerals girl, but when my skin got super dry this winter, it just wasn't cutting it (I recently learned that BareMinerals has come out with a liquid foundation, so that's on my must-try list). I needed something with a bit of moisture. I did a ton of research and landed on this foundation. It definitely lives up to the hype. The color is gorgeous! Which is rare for a fair lady like myself. Foundations are usually too dark and look dirty on my skin. The consistency is fantastic and it just looks like my skin. But way better. I'm pretty in love with this stuff. (Disclaimer: In my research, I read a lot of complaints about the lack of dark tones available in this foundation. And, looking at the color options, they are totally right. This is great for really pale girls, but darker ladies should probably avoid this foundation).

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. I'm funny about perfume. I've always worn straight patchouli. But about a year ago, I switched over to Victor and Rolf FlowerBomb, which I love. Then the worst thing ever happened: I lost it! I was traveling a lot and it just got lost in the shuffle. I went without perfume for a while, but then I tried Elizabeth and James Noir. Love, Love, Love! It's really perfect for me, because it has dark musky hippy undertones, but is much more sophisticated. I just bought the rollerball, but I am definitely purchasing the full size when it runs out.

3. Mineral Oil. Ok, this is a weird one, but I have to share this with you. I was doing a lot of research about skincare and I came across this article on Mineral Oil. It was a reddit article about removing blackheads with mineral oil. I was intrigued. Here's the process: pour some mineral oil in your hand and rub onto clean skin in little circles. I generally rub my skin for about 1 minute. And guess what? It works. Like, for real. My pores are so much smaller than they were before. I do it about twice a day. It works even better when you follow with a BHA (like salicylic acid). Honestly, I thought I had a lot more facial scars before I started doing this. A lot of what I thought were scars were actually enlarged pores. And my skin is so smooth! I cannot stress how happy I am with this process.

4. e.l.f. Studio HD Blush My sister-in-law gave me this blush because she couldn't "figure it out." And I totally get why. The color is very saturated. But when lightly (and I mean lightly) applied to cheeks and lips, it is the most natural looking color ever. And it really lasts. I apply it under my foundation, so that the color looks really natural. I want to give the other colors a try. And at $3.00, I can spring for all five colors!

5. Biosilk Hair Oil Another gift from my sister-in-law. Her hair is the opposite of mine. Mine is thick and dry. Hers is fine and oily. So don't try this if you have oily hair. But for my hair, this is awesome. It makes my hair shiny and smooth. I add a dime size to my ends after I wash my hair. Keep it away from your roots! Not pretty. But it makes your ends so shiny and healthy looking.

And there you have it. My new, spring beauty obsessions! If you try the mineral oil process, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Now go forth and be beautiful! I love you all!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm Thinking One-Pieces

I'm Thinking One-Pieces

I'm at home today with a stomach ache (yes, I know, I'm twelve), so what better day to do a little online browsing? Maybe not the best day to be looking at swimsuits, but whatever. I'm thinking of going with a one-piece this year. I feel uncomfortable in a two-piece, but for some reason I just keep wearing them.  Also, let's face it, I'm not 18 anymore. Time to grow up a little bit. Here are a few great looking suits that I have my eye on. The problem is that I have a long torso and so one-pieces generally don't fit me very well. It's going to take a good deal of searching to find the right one. So far, my favorite is that tribal printed monokini. But at $366, I think I'll keep looking. But it's just so fabulous.....

Anyone else rethinking their swimwear this year? There are so many options now, that a bikini seems almost boring.

Monday, April 21, 2014

So Spring

This is just so spring! My sister-in-law gave me this jacket the other day. She, like everyone else I know, is cleaning out her closet, so I got a few cast-offs. I'm so loving this jacket. It somehow goes with everything. Consequently, I haven't taken it off since she gave it too me.

Oh, by the way, I bought this hat at Dollar Tree. Which was one dollar. Isn't it the cutest hat ever!? I think it's made for a small child, but it fits my head, so I'm wearing it. What a cute way to hide my not-so-clean hair. I'm trying not to wash my hair so much. It's not going too well.

Aren't the Dogwoods gorgeous this year? Had to take advantage of the pretty blooms in my neighborhood for a perfect spring outfit post.

Hope you all had a great Easter. I know I did! I have so much leftover ham. It's awesome. These jeans have a lot of stretch, which is a necessity at the moment. I really like ham.

Jacket and Button-Down: Hand-Me-Downs, Jeans: Old Navy, Black Flats: Old Navy

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beer To Pick Up This Weekend: New Belgium Spring Blonde

Ok, yes, I know it is not the weekend. But, since tomorrow is a holiday, some of you may be starting your weekend early. You also may have family in town and be looking for a great beer for company. Or, you could be getting prepped for an epic Thirsty Thursday. So, I thought I'd give you a recommendation a little bit early.

This week was my husbands birthday. Around here, birthdays come with special privileges. The birthday boy/girl picks what we eat, where we go, what we do, etc. This generally goes on for a ridiculous amount of time, sometimes as often as two weeks. So I thought it only fitting that Olie pick a beer for a review. He thought it best to try a blonde for the blog, since I have never (until now) reviewed one. He chose New Belgium Spring Blonde.

I also asked him to describe it for us. Here is what he said:

"Aromatic but subtle. It has a medium mouth feel, with a bit of bitterness at the end. A nice, zippy beer."

Short, but too the point. I'm actually just starting to get into blondes. This one is not as aromatic as some, and it is very drinkable. If you've never had a blonde before, this is a good place to start. Most of the blondes that I've had are a bit more mellow, but this one is very carbonated which I like. Olie and I generally really like New Belgium's beers, so this was an obvious choice for us. I know a lot of you are probably big Fat Tire fans (another New Belgium), and their Ranger IPA is bangin' (yes, I said bangin'). I'm not that into Fat Tire, but I will acknowledge that it is a good beer. You can't really go wrong with a New Belgium. Give this Spring Blonde a try. At the moment, I'll buy anything with 'Spring' in the title!

Have a very happy Easter weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One More Time

I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning in the wardrobe. I'm not chunking everything all at once, but I am slowly re-evaluating every peice that I own. Hello shirt. Do I wear you? Do I need you? Do you fit? Do you have a large stain on you that will never come out? Those are the kind of conversations I've been having lately. Yes, I talk to clothes, as anyone who has been shopping with me will tell you.

Anyways, this vest was destined to be donated. I never wear it because I can never seem to style it correctly. It was even in the pile. But I gave it one last attempt and I'm so glad I did! I've never worn it over a sleeveless top before. That is the trick. When I pair it with sleeves it just looks weird. But that's not a problem, since in about a month the thought of wearing sleeves will make me want to die (I don't know if you know this, but Memphis is hot. Like.....really hot).

Olie's bday is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! We are both off work! So it's going to be a whole day of celebrating. Actually, I wore this on Friday night to an impromptu birthday dinner at Soul Fish (hence the cup). So yeah. We start celebrating early around here.

BTW, I totally diy-ed this vest. It was just an old denim jacket I had that had kind of puffy arms. I don't know why the arms were so puffy, but the jacket is definitely better off without them. Denim vests are totally in right now (not that we really care about that), so consider giving one of your jackets an update. But don't cut your classic denim jacket (especially if you only have one). You'll regret it.

Vest: American Eagle, Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Bucco via HauteLook, Purse: Gap, Scarf: Thrifted, Assorted Jewels

Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter's Last Hurrah

I am so in love with spring at the moment. I mean.....who isn't? However, in my excitement, I have a tendency to bust out my spring clothes too early. I'm sure most of you are the same. This year, I'm trying to give my beloved winter clothing a last hurrah before it all goes into storage. Today was pretty rainy and chilly here, so it was a perfect day to wear these boots and this sweater.

I don't think this sweater has made it onto the blog yet. This sweater has a great story. When I was in high school, my friend and I used to go to the "rag house." That wasn't the official name of the store, but that's what everyone called it. Basically, it was a room with long tables that were piled high with clothes. Nothing was folded or sorted, you just had to dig. It was a blast! Bonus: each article was less than a dollar. Normally, you payed about a quarter for something. This sweater was one of those items and I have worn it and worn it and worn it.

However, it used to be yellow. After you've had an article of clothing for a long time (I think I was in the 10th grade when I got this sweater), you tend to get a bit tired of it. So I thought I'd give it a bit of a refresher and dye it black. As you can see, the dye didn't take very well, and turned it this dusky purple color. Which I love! Not, what I expected, but I love it. A great sweater given a new life with just a little bit of dye. If you've never dyed any of your old clothes, you should give it a try. I have some tips here.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

Blouse: Forever 21, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Zara, Assorted Jewels

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Off To Work!

This is what I wore to work today. Honestly, this is a pretty much what I wear everyday to work. Cute trousers, a button-down, and my trusty backpack. I tend lean towards the more preppy items in my closet when dressing for work. I don't know why. I think they make me feel more grown-up.

I work in a very casual environment, but I never wear jeans. To me, jeans are for the weekend. But I like that I can get away with untucked shirts and sandals. Actually, I think sandals are against our very lenient "dress code" but no one has said anything to me yet. Until then, I'm going for it.

I'm so loving every single spring trend. I went to Old Navy the other day and fell in love with everything in there. But all I bought was this white popover. It was only (get ready for it) $15! I'm obsessed with it. Is there anything better than a new white shirt? They had it in navy too. The only thing that comes close to being as great as a new white shirt is a new navy shirt. I may have to get one in navy.

I think the main reason I'm loving the spring trends is because everything is very me. Stripes, looser, menswear-inspired fits, preppy colors, and flats. That's pretty much what dominates my closet already. I still have a couple of things on my wish-list (of course), but I'm trying to be smart about it. I don't need another pair of boyfriend jeans or another button-down. I think I've got those covered already.

So yeah, Old Navy. Everything is cute and everything is on sale. You should go. Or maybe you shouldn't. Your wallet may not thank you. You might go crazy.

White Popover: Old Navy, Striped Blouse: Old Navy (old), Polka Dot Pants: Target, Shoes: Bucco via  HauteLook, Backpack: Urban Outfitters