Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beer To Pick Up This Weekend: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

There are certain things that come with being an adult. Bills, mainly. And the fact that you have to work to pay those bills. And the loss of summer vacation (huge blow). But here's one you don't think about: yard work.

Olie and I cleaned up the yard a bit yesterday. Nothing major, just mainly cutting the grass and raking. We rent, so I'm not too keen on the idea of ripping everything up and planting new beds. Or of painting the house, even though I really really want to. But I felt bad for my neighbors who had to look at my messy yard, so I thought it would be polite to clean it up a bit. It had gotten pretty bad.

But also with adulthood comes beer drinking, which makes yard work a bit more tolerable. Honestly, with perfect weather and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in hand, yard work becomes downright fun. This is Sierra Nevada's most popular beer, so I'm sure most of you have had it. If you haven't, jump on the bandwagon. This is popular for a reason. It's delicious.

So grab a 6-pack (or a case, Kroger carries them) this weekend to fuel yourself during your outdoor projects. It's a beautiful weekend, go and cut your grass! This beer is full of flavor with an intense bite, but is still very refreshing. It's a bit piney, and goes great with the smell of grass clippings. That's a weird thing to say, but it's true.

Any Memphians out there? The East Buntyn Art Walk is tomorrow afternoon from 2-7 (another reason why I cleaned up my yard). I'm going to have some pieces on display, so come by if you get a chance!

Have a great weekend!

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