Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well, I've jumped on the bandwagon. Two bandwagons actually. I broke down and bought a military jacket AND a pair of geeky glasses.

I try not to do trends. Do you all remember the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge things from last year? Yeah, what was that all about? I thought they were so awesome, and now I think they look so dumb.  I'm glad I didn't jump on that one. I almost did. And now there is the whole cut-out thing going on. Sometimes cute, but mostly just weird looking.

But these two trends I can get behind. The military jacket always comes back around. And it goes with everything. It's very versatile, I've already worn it like crazy. Also my office is really cold, so I need a jacket most days. And the glasses? Well, seeing as how my old pair was crooked and had paint on them, I figured it was time for an update. And I got them from Coastal, which gives you you're first pair free! I paid 14 dollars for shipping and that's it.

So yes, I'm being trendy. Sue me.

Jacket: Old Navy, Sweater: Calvin Klein (men's via TJ Maxx), Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: Target, Necklace: Zara, Bracelets: Urban Outfitters, Earrings: Fabb, Glasses: Andrew Marc (via Coastal)

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