Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm Thinking Purses

I'm Thinking Purses

Have you ever noticed that I hardly ever wear purses in my outfit posts? That's because I have a weird relationship with purses. I don't really care about them. And I hate changing them out. It takes too long and I always end up forgetting something. Like my wallet. Not good. So, I hardly ever change purses. I've been wearing my most recent purse for at least a year. Every. Single. Day.

But of course, that gets old. I'm so tired of my purse. I hate it actually. It's falling apart and it looks terrible. It's definitely time for a new one. I've actually needed a new purse for about six months, but I'm having a really hard time choosing one.

Here's my problem: I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready for higher quality items that are going to last me for a while. Especially if I'm going to wear a purse every day for a year, I feel like it is time to invest. I'd love to buy a nice, designer bag that is good quality leather and will just get better with age.

However! I am very anti designer purses. I think we can all agree that designer purses are more about status than about a place to keep your keys, wallet, and lipstick. They always have the logo on the front (hello, I'm a person, not a billboard!) which I absolutely hate. It's downright impossible to find a nice bag that doesn't have the logo on the front.  Designer bags scream, "look at me, I'm expensive." I want my apparel to express my personality, not how much money I make, or how much I choose to spend on clothes. 

Here is my other option: I am so loving Anthropologie's spring clutch collection. They are all in the $50 to $60 range and I want every single one. They are so funky and fun, but they aren't really an investment. Anything with embroidery and beading has a definite lifespan. But, I wouldn't be a walking advertisement. And with the low price tag, I could maybe splurge on more than one. Maybe.

So. Do I save up for this bright, happy Coach bag that literally stopped me in my tracks at Macy's? Good quality, will last a while, but still in my price range (sort of, not really)? I start a collection of super adorable clutches from Anthropologie? Very me, less expensive, but won't hold up to wear and tear. I am the Hulk, I will destroy these dainty bags. 

I'm torn. Thoughts?