Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Thinking Straw Hats

I'm Thinking Straw Hats

I've never been much of a hat person. I don't know why. I think they look cute on, but I never seem to wear them. But then I bought my Dollar Tree hat (seen here). I only bought it because it was $1, but I've already worn it a good bit! It's cute, shields your face from the sun, and covers a bad hair day. What more could you ask? It does tend to fly off of my head (it was $1, after all), so I'm thinking of investing in another one. Nothing too expensive: with sun, sand, and sweat it can't be expected to last very long. And it's straw. I mean.....not very sturdy. Here are a few that I have my eye on. I'm thinking that first one from Forever 21 may just make the cut.

Hats left to right and top to bottom: Forever 21, Anthony Peto, Pacsun, Lori's, Gigi Burris, Vince Camuto

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