Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY Ripped Denim Shorts

Remember how I was thinking denim shorts? (I've been thinking about a lot of things lately). Well, I came to a decision; I finally found my favorite pair. Too bad they were made by Rag and Bone and were $209.

No. Way. 

So I did a bit of investigating into DIY-ing ripped denim shorts (diy-ing? is that a word?). To be honest, every time I've made a pair of cut-offs, it's been pretty disasterous. I don't know why, other super savvy ladies make cut-offs all the time. But mine always turn out really wonky. But I figured I'd give it another go. Because, insanely, I was actually slightly temped to drop the $209. 

I found this great tutorial on distressing denim (click here!).You basically just make lots of horizontal cuts in the denim using an X-ACTO knife. The knife cuts away the blue part of the fabric and leaves nice big patches of stringy white holes. It took me about an hour to complete my pair. Very worth my effort. And the bits of denim fuzz all over my house.

Pro tip: find a picture of a pair of distressed denims that you love and use that as a guide to where to place the holes. I, of course, used the Rag and Bone shorts I was in love with. I actually pulled up Damsel in Dior's Rag and Bones': she's had them for a while so they are even more lived-in. Which I love.

I think I need a roomier and shorter pair. And with traditional pockets so that the pockets show throught the holes. But I'm very happy with my first effort! And I didn't spend $209 on a pair of ripped shorts. Someone slap me in the face if I ever do that.

Shirt and Shoes: Old Navy

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