Monday, September 29, 2014

Memphis Curb Couture Trashion Show

Yesterday was the Memphis Curb Couture Trashion Show, put on by Memphis City Beautiful. This was my first time participating in this event, and it was so much fun! It was a huge undertaking, but it was so rewarding to see a dress that I designed/fabricated go down the runway. My husband took some great photos, so I thought I'd give you guys some highlights.

This was my dress. My model, Lizzie Daws, was incredible. Look at that hair! The hair stylist kept making it bigger and bigger as I kept nodding and smiling and giving the thumbs up. I wanted her to look a little wild. The dress itself was hand woven out of paper twine made from newspaper ads. I've been making paper twine for about two and a half months now, and I'm starting to lose the fingerprints on my left thumb and forefinger. Now, I can begin my criminal career (kidding, kidding). This was actually my first time making an article of clothing. I had no idea what I was doing, but I dove in head first! For a first attempt, I must say, I was exceptionally pleased with the result. 
 I have to admit, I got a bit of a thrill when I read "designer: Meredith Olinger." It made me feel very official.

This was probably my favorite piece, although it didn't place. It was made out of pages torn from 4 Memphis magazines, and the designer, Stephanie Beliles, is an editor at 4 Memphis Magazine. Honestly, I don't know how they chose the winners, there were some really fantastic designs (keep scrolling for more!).
This was the backdrop for the show. Couldn't resist a quick photo op!
Hello! Amazing!
Ballet Memphis performed. Incredible. 
Lizzie on the runway. She moved really well in the dress. 
The final walk through. 

This won Best in Show. The picture really doesn't give the full effect of how awesome this dress was.

A big thanks goes to City Beautiful for putting on this event, and especially Eldra White for all the work she put into it! It was such an inspiring night! Great designs, dancing, food, beer (did I mention the beer? Great beer choices) and lots of fun people. Can't wait til next year!

All photos by Andrew Olinger.